The Team Seth Foundation is a community non-profit organization and all money raised will support our efforts to continue to bring greater awareness and understanding to those diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. Because of donations from people like you, we have been able to expand our focus and sponsor children suffering with a traumatic brain injury to assist with their medical and therapy expenses. We have found that many children living with a TBI are being cared for by a single parent who is torn between caring for their child and working to make ends meet. Not only are they faced with tremendous financial strain from staggering medical expenses, but also food expenses and transportation costs of traveling to and from work and the hospital. 

Your continued support would allow us to expand our sponsorship ability, as well as continue to raise awareness for this life-altering injury. We have been fortunate to speak at many public forums and have even lobbied before our state legislators for funding to assist children with this disability. 

We also take every opportunity given us to visit hospitals around the state and encourage patients, as well as caregivers, that they can move past this injury and the prognosis given and live a full life. We have seen firsthand how lives have changed as they look at how far Seth has come – at how he has beaten the odds and surpassed the status quo of the experts’ predicted outcome. Those who have watched Seth’s inspiring videos have come to believe a miracle is possible for their situation as well. God has used him to offer ‘tangible hope’ and to serve as a reminder that nothing is too hard for God… NOTHING!

Be encouraged as you watch the videos of Seth’s miracle recovery. Continued updates are also available on The TeamSeth Hanchey page on Facebook.   

Thank you for your continued support for the Team Seth Foundation for Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness. We could not do what we do without YOU! Seth has come a long way since his initial injury and this event will serve as a celebration of his accomplishments and to the athletic lifestyle that he loves. The success of this event is largely dependent on our sponsors and their financial support. Please make all checks payable to Team Seth Foundation and mail to P.O. Box 1574, Ruston, LA  71273. For more information please email