"Quitting Lasts Forever, pain lasts for a moment, so push through it!"

–Seth Hanchey


The Team Seth Foundation for Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness is a community non-profit organization and our purpose is to offer HOPE, HEALING and ENCOURAGEMENT to those suffering through the most misunderstood injury. We are working to bring greater awareness and understanding to those with a Traumatic Brain Injury. It is the number 1 injury our soldiers defending our freedom in foreign countries are returning home with. 1.4 million people a year receive a T.B.I. in the USA, with 50,000 of those injured resulting in death. With those statistics, in your lifetime either you or someone you love will suffer a T.B.I. We are fortunate to have been given numerous opportunities to speak in many forums on this injury. We have recently stood before our state legislators to lobby for funds for care and assistance for children with this disability and funds for continued care. We still take every opportunity given to us to visit the hospitals and encourage patients, as well as caregivers, that they can move past this injury and the prognosis given and live a full life.

I have seen firsthand lives changed as we have ministered to many the power of prayer and faith in God. I have seen them dare to believe again and those who have watched Seth’s inspiring videos have come to believe a Miracle is possible for their situation as well. God has used Seth to offer ‘tangible hope’ to all who have had the chance to meet him in person. This is something we all need at certain times in our lives… HOPE. Let this be a reminder to you that nothing is too hard for God… NOTHING!

This is not a medical website and we are not doctors. We know firsthand we need those who are experts in the medical field to medically treat the traumatic brain injury, but as our experience and others have proven, it is easy for the experts to put a period at the end of their diagnosis and prognosis. While those of us living this new life can only search in a very dark place for shreds of hope, we can somehow see our way through to a brighter tomorrow. What I want you to know above all, your life is not over—it will simply be different.

I would like to invite you to view some of Seth’s recovery videos on the bottom of this page. Some of footage dates back to the day of the accident and shows the many setbacks and obstacles he has overcome over the course of his recovery. You'll also see Seth running, riding his bicycle, and lifting weights – all of which are medically impossible. His continued updates are posted on his Facebook page.