The Team Seth Traumatic Brain Injury Foundation
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Our Mission
The Team Seth Foundation is a 501c3 organization organized exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes. More specifically to bring awareness to traumatic brain injury. We offer financial support in the form of a one-time gift of $500 to children to help with their ongoing medical and therapy expenses. We offer peer support to those who have suffered a TBI or serve as the caregiver of a TBI patient. We offer Hope and Encouragement by sharing our personal experience as a caregiver to our son, Seth, who acquired a TBI at the age of 17. By our real talk approach, we help others on this journey navigate through the TBI obstacles to reach their full potential for recovery. 

What We Have Accomplished to Date:

WE SPEAK OUT… we have shared our story of overcoming impossible odds and how to “Push Your Pain into Power” in public venues to help bring awareness to this invisible injury. We have even lobbied before our state legislators for funding for care and assistance for children with this disability. We have emailed and conversed on Skype with many TBI patients and caregivers in 7 other countries.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE… There is no one on salary in our foundation and 90% of funds go to help children with a $500 gifting to assist them with ongoing medical and therapy expenses. To date we have gifted 16 children. 

AWARENESS… 11.4 million people a year acquire a TBI in the USA. 50,000 of those injured resulting in death. With those statistics, in your lifetime someone you love or even yourself will receive a TBI. This is the number one injury our soldiers are returning home from war with. We have used various media forms to help shed light on this misunderstood injury. We have held 5Ks to bring awareness, as well as multiple interviews. While one of the most powerful tools we have used is Seth’s recovery video. This can be seen on our foundation website

HOPE… Our message is to let others know their limitations cannot stop them from living a successful life, unless they allow them to. If you allow it to become your excuse to stop trying you have just surrendered all your Power. You are not a victim! You have everything within you it takes to succeed. We have visited many TBI patients in the hospital and in their homes and shared this message with them. Seth’s amazing story and positive attitude has inspired thousands! It is our passion to help give to others what we once so desperately needed… HOPE. When you have been given the list of what you will never do again and the dire prognosis, it is more important to ‘see’ someone, not just hear about them. A person who was once told the same prognosis or worse and has proven the experts wrong and is now standing before you is what speaks the loudest, because it gives them faith that they too can overcome and Believe for a Miracle in their own situation.